datum: July 23rd, 2009 | autor: is an online coaching service specialized in triathlon, cycling and running.

Client wins the age group in Ironman 70.3 Barcelona is an online coaching service intended for age group and elite athletes of all ages and abilities, especially for those who lead a busy life and try each day to balance sport with other priorities, such as work, family and travel. Training plans are completely adapted to each athlete, paying special attention to – age, abilities, available resources, current state (free time, money, work, family, etc.)

I have worked, and I still work with age group beginners, all the way to elite athletes. Since 2008, I have worked with more than 400 satisfied clients.

I use innovative, simple and very effective coaching approach. You can read more about my coaching approach here.

I can fully understand that every client’s needs are different, which is why each of them gets special attention.

Regardless of age, gender and abilities, – an online coaching service – will help you achieve your sport goals and maximize your sport potential, while leading a balanced life.

I would like to single out three things in my coaching approach that I pay special attention to while coaching my clients, and those are:

  • Continuous progress
  • Fun
  • Keeping away from injuries

On this website you can find everything related to my online coaching services, training plans, training structure, my approach to coaching, clients, published articles that can widen your knowledge and understanding of many aspects related to structured training. I recommend you spend some time studying this site, and if you are interested in cooperation, please contact me.